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How it all started with Basile Photography

Erica and her husband, Perry, owned a successful, and sought after, painting and decorating business for 20 years in the Chicagoland area. A few years ago, Perry and Erica decided to move to Ohio for a career change for Perry, but the love for houses stayed with Erica. Erica combined her love of homes with her love of creativity and photography, and turned her passion into this photography business with an original emphasis on interior design photography, which has continued to expand into pictures used for business marketing, senior pics, and more.

Ultimate Package


Standard Pricing for a

5,000+ sqft home

Includes 2 - 3 hour photo shoot, depending on the size of the home. 

Twenty-five to thirty-five pictures will be delivered to the Realtor within 48 hours of the photo shoot, unless otherwise specified. 

House must be cleaned and straightened prior to photo shoot appointment.

An additional fee may be incurred due to distance.

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Fun Facts

When Erica isn't photographing something, she's probably hanging out with her 3 kids and husband. Their favorite place to be is the beach. Erica loves a good beach sunset. Here's a pic she took last summer in New Buffalo, Michigan of her sister-in-law dancing!

Erica has a quirky rescue English labrador retriever named Frank. Frank loves his bandana! If it falls off, he nudges Erica's hand and sticks his neck out until she puts it back on!

Erica is the only non musician in her family. In fact, Erica's oldest son (pictured right) is in two bands, both of which have an album(s). 

If you'd like a good laugh sometime, ask Erica to see an old pic of her husband from his 80s metal days! 

Erica does wine reviews!

Erica really enjoys a nice glass of wine, especially dry wine. Sometimes Erica will upload a wine review video to FB and other platforms. Here is one she shared.

Erica Loves Rock Concerts!

When Erica isn't hanging out with her family, you're likely to find her at a rock concert! Erica has met some of her favorite bands over the years. Below a handful of pics Erica has accumulated!

Row 1: Def Leppard, Bret Michaels, Kip Winger, Richie Sambora

Row 2: Reb Beach (Winger, Whitesnake), Joel Hoekstra (Whitesake, TSO, Cher), Tommy Aldridge (Whitesnake), Dave Bryan (Bon Jovi)

Row 3: Phil X (Bon Jovi), Chris Caffery (TSO, Savatage), Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big, Winery Dogs), Matthew & Gunnar Nelson

Erica even has her very own brick outside the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. If you're ever up that way and want to see it, it's on the right hand side facing the Rock Hall, inner circle, about 1/2 way toward the building.